Renew Your Audi Lease

Option 1: Renew your Audi lease

> 2% loyalty rate reduction for current Audi lessees*

> Vehicle is under warranty for duration of lease. When combined with Audi Care prepaid maintenance plan and other available Audi After Care products, out-of-pocket expenses are minimized during the lease period.

> Leasing comes with a lower payment than financing, meaning you're able to choose a higher trim level or options you may not have been able to include otherwise or a lower down payment.

> Leasing typically has a shorter term than financing. Given the rapid changes in automotive technology, this means your Audi is never more than a few years old before you choose your next one.

> When being used for work or business purposes, leased vehicles can have greater tax savings than financed vehicles.

Option 2: Buyout your Audi lease

Please contact your Audi Brand Specialist or Financial Services Manager regarding the steps and associated fees required to buyout.

Extended warranty and maintenance options are available to help you protect your existing Audi.

You will be required to present a motor vehicle safety inspection certificate to buyout your vehicle. You can book an appointment with the service department online or by emailing

Option 3: Return your Audi

You can schedule an inspection appointment by contacting AutoVIN directly at (800) 268-6639 or book online at They can be scheduled at your home or work. Please note that appointments may take more than one week to schedule in some instances.

Should you have any questions regarding lease end charges please contact us. You will be asked to complete a Vehicle Disclosure Form at the time of return.

Please contact Audi Brampton to turn in your vehicle. At the time you turn in your vehicle, make sure the following items are present:

> Vehicle ownership and registration

> Two sets of keys

> Owner and Service manual

> Headrests

> Original equipment (rims, carpet mats, etc.)

> Spare tire and tool kit set

*Please contact your Audi Brand Specialist for details.